# Action

Creates object for action that can be performed in blockchain.

# Constructor

  • constructor(
      public authorization: PermissionLevel[] = [],
      public account: Name = new Name(),
      public name: Name = new Name(),
      public data: u8[] = [],

    authorization - a list of authorizations provided to action

    account - the name of the contract that will be called in action

    name - the name of the action in the contract that will be called

    data - packed bytes representing parameters to pass to the action


      import { PermissionLevel, Name, Action } from 'proton-tsc'
      const payer = new PermissionLevel(Name.fromString("payer"));
      const permissions = [payer];
      const contract = Name.fromString('test');
      const action_name = Name.fromString('pay');
      const data = { transfer: '1.0000 XPR' };
      const action = new Action(permissions, contract, action_name, data.pack());