# Introduction

# What is XPR Network?

XPR Network is a layer one proof-of-stake blockchain that leverages cutting-edge WebAssembly (WASM) (opens new window) smart contracts to enable high-performant, scalable and sustainable computation. Developers can leverage XPR Network to easily and securely build tokens, NFTs, exchanges, lending markets and much more.

XPR Network Smart Contracts use AssemblyScript (opens new window), a state of the art extension to Typescript (opens new window) that:

  1. builds to high performance WASM
  2. adds native types like u8, u16, u32, u64
  3. integrates with the existing web ecosystem

# Basic Smart Contract

A simple XPR Network smart contract has the structure:

import { Contract, print } from 'proton-tsc'

class HelloContract extends Contract {
    say(text: string): void {

To generate the WASM and ABI that you can upload to the XPR Network blockchain, simply run:

npx proton-asc hello.ts

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